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Vibrant, Natural, Candid Wedding Photography


Getting Married?



West Coast, East Coast?

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I'll fly there with my camera bling (on my private jet...or I'm ok with JetBlue)


Make sure to bring your dancing shoes


There's no age limit




And don't forget the cake


and the rings!


We'll laugh together

109_20150823__DSC8908_RAUL MELISSA WEDDING

Maybe cry together too


Smile together

Tim Myra Wedding_MEDIUM SIZE

Hugs are cool too


And, yes! kissing is allowed all day long!

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So, sit back & relax

Carlos Marla Wedding Joe Renaissance photography_Small

It's your wedding

101_20150823__DSC8900_RAUL MELISSA WEDDING


I'll be there (behind the scenes)

134_20140125__dsc2477_stephen-rui-wedding_medCarlos Marla Wedding Joe Renaissance photography_Small 11_20160910_dsc04472_ben-hui-mei_boston-cambridge-wedding_joseph-barber-photography_med

To capture those candid & special moments


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With an Artistic point of view

Palos verdes, san pedro, wayfarer chapel wedding, los angeles and orange county wedding and engagement photographer, joseph barber photography




Carlos Marla Wedding Joe Renaissance photography_Small

So go ahead and say hello



There's a message box below



(text, call, email is fine too) 🙂

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It will be Fun & Free (well, not exactly that kind of free$)

Manhattan Beach pier engagement session, los angeles and orange county wedding and engagement photographer, joseph barber photography

Tell me more about your celebration!

I want the absolute best for you and your partner. And with that comes a mutual understanding of your expectations on a day where the last person you should worry or think about is the photographer.  I want you to have peace of mind knowing that you will have the best for your wedding and that all those once in a lifetime moments will be captured beautifully.

I’m here to tell YOUR unique story through my lens – capturing the emotion and the moments that you both are experiencing together for the first time.  I’ll find the details that make the two of you unique and your love special…and most importantly I’ll capture your true, authentic selves candidly throughout the day.  Please message, call or text me today for a free session where we can get to know each other better.  Plus, I will answer any questions you may have.  Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to hearing from you regarding your celebration!


+1 949.531.8405

(Once your date is booked and the deposit has been received, that date is reserved for you and no one else can take it)

Joe took our wedding pictures, and we could not be happier with how they turned out! Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of the planning process, and we felt very comfortable after talking to him. He met with us beforehand and we went over our preferences. He has the ability to photograph using different styles, and he really listened to us and our story. He brought an assistant photographer, making sure to capture not just the big wedding moments, but also our guests and little details that we're very glad to have in pictures. We definitely wanted great shots but didn't want it to feel staged or fake. Both he and his assistant made us feel at ease and comfortable; it all felt very natural. His pricing was super reasonable, we received the pictures sooner than we thought, and they were beyond amazing! Every one who sees them loves them, we definitely recommend him!

Melissa G.
Happy Bride

What an amazing experience! Joe did our engagement shoot and not only did he make us so relaxed and at ease but the photos were incredible! He took a mix of portrait style photos along with some more artistic photos that will be treasured forever!! We had such a great time with him and he made the process so enjoyable!! I recommend him to everyone and will continue to use him anytime we have a photo worthy event!!!

Mary E.
Ecstatic fiancée
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